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Fixed Income

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Our robust and diversified portfolio construction process will ensure sustainable active returns at more than acceptable risk levels.


Our money market funds are ideal for investors with a low risk profile who wish to preserve capital but seek returns superior to those of pure cash holdings. The objective is to enhance yield by actively managing interest rate risk and credit risk through the cycle. These portfolios make use of short-dated, investment grade fixed income instruments to deliver a diversified money market solution that is low volatility and high liquidity.

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Our bond funds cater to the various risk and return requirements and are suitable for clients that have a medium risk profile. The investment philosophy employed in managing these portfolios is based on the principle of maximising risk-adjusted returns by extracting value from as many sources as possible through active management.

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ALUWANI Inflation Linked Fund: Download Fact Sheet

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The fund makes use of both local and offshore high yielding instruments to deliver a diversified income solution. We seek to maximise yield at a volatility level that corresponds to a low risk fixed income portfolio.

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