Yesterday’s game plan is for yesterday

Some people anticipate their next move. How they balance risk and reward ensures a winning strategy.
Finding a better way
Yesterday’s game plan is for yesterday

"Aluwani means to prosper or to grow.

ALUWANI Capital Partners eSwatini (Pty) Ltd (‘ALUWANI eSwatini’) is an independent investment management business registered with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA). We believe that entities should play a transformational role in societies and economies they operate in. This belief, together with our partnership approach, forms the cornerstone of our strategy into Alternative Investments.

ALUWANI has extensive experience in debt funding of private or unlisted projects, driven by a strong credit team that analyses and manages risks inherent in unlisted investments. With assets of over R5 billion invested in unlisted projects, we believe that our experience and skillset diversity bodes well in understanding the requirements of institutional investors in Eswatini.

Having opened an office in Eswatini, we are committed to building a business that will add value to the local economy through skills transfer, employment, economic development and relevant investment products.

Our investment capabilities

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